Sylvie Vartan on a plane, 1964

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The Who
“Magic Bus”, 1968

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The Beatles waiting to cross Abbey Road, 1969

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Steve McQueen e Peggy Moffitt.
California, 1964
Photos by William Claxton

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Teen Magazine 1967

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It is slacks “Mr. DEE CEE” than the familiar Washington MFG, Inc. in Washington DEE CEE from the pants of so-called style Presto system in the 1960s a lot of enthusiastic fans. 

Tapered silhouette of this specific age is attractive, it is a melon and two it Jazumen black 60s are wearing though.

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ロンドンから小さなプリンターがやってきた | roomie(ルーミー)
Small printer came from London | roomie (Rumi)



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I cute twiggy of western shirt

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GROOVES INSPIRALLED VINYL (San Francisco) 1797 Market St, CA 94103, USA (en Grooves)

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Peter Max - Michigan Avenue, Chicago

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